Environmental Services...were delighted with the service and said that the interpreter was excellent.

Brenda O'Neill,
South Lanarkshire Council

About Us

Company History

Global Connects is one of the leading providers of language solutions in the UK. We are committed to growing and developing our services to meet the changing needs of business and the public sector and we aim to find innovative ways to provide our clients with competitive, high quality and effective language solutions.

Global Connections (Scotland) Limited was incorporated in 1998 after the business was founded the previous year by our managing director, Andrew Lennox. In 1999 translation and interpreting services were added to the company’s existing English language school, Glasgow School of English. The language services part of the company is called Global Connects.

Our people

David Orr David Orr
Job Title: Managing Director
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James Miller James Miller
Job Title: Strategic Project Manager
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Anthony Madill Anthony Madill
Job Title: Translation Project Manager
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Caroline Reid Caroline Reid
Job Title: Translation Manager
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Maureen Howell Maureen Howell
Job Title: Interpreter Co-ordinator
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Fiona Raitt Fiona Raitt
Job Title: Accounts Assistant
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