Many thanks for all your hard work last week in getting the translated documents out to us in time...Your efforts are very much appreciated. Please thank the translators also for us. They did a great job!

Aileen Skillen,
Scottish Community Development Centre

Audio Recordings

We can produce audio recordings of written materials in a range of foreign languages. These can be used by people with reading difficulties or visual impairment.

Production of an audio recording version of a written document is a four stage process involving:

  • Adapting the text for an audio script rather than written format. For example changing references to page numbers, or “above” or “below” to “earlier” or “later in this recording” to make sense on the recording.
  • Translating the script.
  • Recording the script.
  • Editing the script.

The adaptation is usually carried out by our project managers and the translation by our translators. The recordings are made by speakers/voice over artists who are native speakers of the languages required. We use professional recording equipment with the services of a recording engineer to create each recording.

Recordings can be provided in a variety of formats.

We can also provide cases for CDs and produce covers and inserts for them if required. This can incorporate artwork and text and is provided as part of our design and printing services.

If you would like further information about audio recordings or would like to discuss your requirements with us, please contact us.

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