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Brenda O'Neill,
South Lanarkshire Council

Group Liaison Interpreting

Group Liaison interpreting is a type of consecutive face-to-face interpreting used where a small group of people requires an interpreter. Although called  “group liaison” this type of interpreting can also include situations where individuals within a group need an interpreter.

Group Liaison interpreting is commonly used for groups for which conference interpreting would not be appropriate because the group is too small, or needs to move around (meaning interpreting booths are impractical) or simply because the group does not want the formal approach that conference interpreting gives.

This kind of interpreting works well in situations such as:

  • A guided tour of business premises
  • Tourist groups
  • Groups visiting tourist attractions
  • A small group attending a presentation or being addressed by a speaker
  • Corporate hospitality events

Group Liaison interpreting is a very flexible interpreting arrangement. We realise that many visits or events have a number of different components to them. A typical day might involve many different elements:

  • a group presentation
  • a question and answer session
  • lunch
  • a tour of premises
  • one-to-one conversations
  • dinner or a social event

With Group Liaison interpreting, the interpreter moves with the group from one part of the day to another and is on hand throughout to interpret and help group members.

If you would like further information or would like to book a Group Liaison interpreter please contact us.

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