Many thanks…I gave out my first Arabic leaflet the other day - It went down really well. think it makes a huge difference to have information in your own language.

Dr Ollie Hart,
NHS Sheffield

Subtitling & Voiceovers

We offer a subtitling and voiceover service to add subtitles, or voiceover, to footage with speech in another language.


Subtitling involves translating the words being spoken on screen and displaying them on screen at the right time to match what is being said. It requires the synchronisation of the subtitles with the correct point in the soundtrack. It can also involve summarising or condensing of the translation to fit the available time and space for the subtitles to appear. This may be required because spoken dialogue often proceeds faster than a viewer’s ability to read subtitles and because the same dialogue in one language may require more words in the subtitle language.


Voiceovers have the same function as subtitles but use a voice speaking the words in the other language over the top of the original soundtrack. Sometimes it involves a complete replacement of the original soundtrack. A voiceover must also be synchronised with the pictures and original soundtrack, but usually requires less condensing than subtitles because the translated material is delivered to the viewer at the speed of speech.

If you would like further information about subtitling or voiceovers or would like to discuss your requirements with us, please contact us.

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